The Three G’s

The second anniversary of Ron’s passing was on August 22 and I woke the day after, thinking “Now it is year three. How will I ever get through another year of grief?”

But I know that I will, because God gives me grace and my friends and family give me patience andlistening ears…I know that because I’ve experienced it for the last two years and expect to do so as long as I live. Because I share about my painful grief in my books (The Pregnant Pause of Grief), my web page ( and Facebook page others are learning how to live with their own. I call this combination the three G’s of Grief, God and Grace. My grief drew me to God and he in turn, offered me grace which I now share with others.

What can you share from your life experiences so that others might be comforted and grow?

Prayer- Lord, thank you for the three G’s. May we have mutual interest in and care for one another, sharing our suffering as one. In Christ, Amen. (from 1 Corinthians 12: 25-26, AMP)

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