15 Biblical Counseling Blogs You Should Bookmark

Several people have asked me recently, “What biblical counseling blogs do you read?” 

Answering that question, especially publicly, feels somewhat like people must feel when giving an acceptance speech. They want to mention everyone, but realistically they can only highlight a few people who have contributed to their lives. 

There are many excellent blogs that focus on biblical counseling, and I can’t mention them all, just like I can’t read them all every day. The biblical counseling blogs I regularly read have some combination of frequency of posts, focus on biblical counseling (the personal ministry of the Word/speaking the truth in love), relatively high traffic/hits, and, frankly, people I know or know of. 

By the way, many excellent biblical counselors don’t have a regular blog site. For example, I read everything that Elyse Fitzpatrick writes. However, Elyse does not regularly blog at her own website. 

Drum Roll, Please

Here are the biblical counseling blogs I regularly read, listed in alphabetical order. Of course, I don’t agree with everything every one of these bloggers post. I don’t even agree today with everything I posted last week! Still, each of these blogs stretch my thinking as iron sharpens iron. 

  • The Association of Biblical Counselors’ blog offers a rotation of excellent BC bloggers, well worth following. 
  • The Biblical Counseling Coalition’s Grace & Truth blog  provides a wealth of diverse bloggers who are leaders in the BC world. Note: I’m biased, as the Executive Director of the BCC. Still, I think this is a “can’t miss” BC blog. 
  • Bob Kellemen (that’s me!) blogs at RPM Ministries’ Changing Lives blog. Obviously, I’m biased in including my own blog in this list. However, I think it/I fit the criteria as I focus on posts that equip people to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth. 
  • Brad Hambrick blogs at A Blog from a Counselor for the Church. Brad is a counseling pastor and a seminary professor. He blogs regularly, robustly, and relationally. 
  • The CCEF’s blog is an excellent site (with wonderful resources). Ed Welch is their primary bloggers, but other CCEF faculty/staff also blog. Plus, they regularly post interviews by David Powlison, Mike Emlet, Tim Lane, and more. 
  • Chris Boucher’s blog is a recent addition to the BC blogging world. A former student of mine and a former professor in the MA program I chaired, Chris brings a pastor’s heart and a scholar’s mind to his BC posts. 
  • Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries’ Counseling with Confidence and Compassion blog offers wisdom from the pastors and staff of FBCM. Great diversity with practical insights. 
  • Howard Eyrich’s blog focuses especially on marriage matters and his seasoned wisdom is worth the read. Howard has been counseling biblically for nearly forty years, but he has been blogging regularly only for about forty days. 
  • Jay Adams’ Competent to Counsel blog provides insight for living from the founder of the Nouthetic Counseling movement. Donn Arms also frequently blogs with Jay. 
  • Julie Ganschow blogs at Biblical Counseling For Women. Don’t let the title fool you. I glean a lot for my life and ministry through Julie’s posts. 
  • Laura Hendrickson blogs at Gospel Balm. As a trained psychiatrist and biblical counselor, Laura offers a unique perspective. Note: For a variety of reasons, Laura is not currently blogging on a regular basis. 
  • Mark Kelly blogs at Grace Dependent. A pastor and biblical counselor, Mark offers a refreshing “balance” of truth and love. Note: For a variety of reasons, Mark is not currently blogging on a regular basis. 
  • Paul Tautges blogs at Counsel One Another. As a long-time pastor and biblical counselor, Paul’s words are seasoned with grace. 
  • Paul Tripp’s blog always hits home. As with Elyse Fitzpatrick, I read everything Paul writes. Paul has just recently started blogging regularly and I never miss his posts. 
  • Rick Thomas of Counseling Solutions blogs a LOT. And he offers tons of resources. Excellent material. 

“How Do You Read All of That?”

People ask me, “Do you really read all of those blogs every day?” Well, not everyone posts every day. However, I do subscribe to each of these blogs. I browse the titles, click over half of the links, and then end up reading about half-a-dozen BC blogs every day. I spend about fifteen minutes a day—every minute is beneficial to my personal life and professional ministry. 

Part of my reading is “research” to benefit you. I provide a weekly Five to Live By post at RPM Ministries where I summarize five of the best Christian blog posts from the previous seven days (on biblical counseling, pastoral ministry, and Christian living). 

The Rest of the Story

Tomorrow I will post a list of blogs that focus on pastoral ministry. The next day, I will highlight a list of blogs that focus on Christian living. 

Obviously, these three categories overlap: biblical counseling, pastoral ministry, and Christian living. My own blog, RPM Ministries’ Changing Lives blog, attempts to focus on all three areas, as do many that I will list over the next three days. But this seems at least one way to categorize some of the great Christian blogs available today.   

Join the Conversation

What excellent biblical counseling blogs would you have included in this list? Why would you recommend people read that blog(s)?

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