Friendships Lost

Friendships Lost

What to Say? What to Say? After all, don’t they know;

That I sit here bemoaning And missing them so?

The loss, not just writings, but close friendships true,

The contact of journeys that takes paths askew?

But when God is leading, what are we to do?

But walk in obedience, all of us in the new.

So off we all wander, our paths on their own,

But carrying the joy that friendships have grown!

Brenda J Wood

A friend moves away and too often it becomes a friendship lost. This does not need to be so. A card, a letter or an e mail keeps us in touch…if we care enough to keep the relationship going.

Do you? What about our relationship with Christ? How distant has it become over the years?

Is it time for a card, a letter or an e mail, or perhaps a simple reading of a Bible verse

Oh, for the days when I was in my prime, when God’s intimate friendship blessed my house. (Job 29:4, NIV)

Prayer- Lord, be known to us again, Lord. Help us seek and find the friend that you are. Amen.

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