God Has a Great Way of Keeping Me Humble

 God has  a great way of keeping me humble. Of giving me compassion for others just when I might be on the edge of losing empathy.

I’m so thankful He does that in my life. Even if in the moment it’s often not the most fun. Because that’s the kind of person I want to be – the end result is that I want to be a humble, compassionate person. And to be honest, sometimes in life, I just lose those qualities. I grow a little harder. A little colder. A little less sympathetic. And God needs to remind me of a few things.

God needs to have me deal with health issues in order to feel compassion for those who constantly struggle with their health.

God shows me how it feels to be lonely so that I can empathize with the one who is all alone.

God allows some of my wishes and dreams to be dashed on the rocks in order for me to see that I am so blessed. It also shows me that I can’t simply tell someone “Just do it!” It can’t always be done.

God shows me in gentle ways, and in abrupt ways – how I need to watch my tongue, soften my heart, stop my judement, slow my assumptions, and forgive more readily.

I am in need of grace. I have been in need of mercy. I have stuck my foot in my mouth. I have judged. I have had a hardened heart. I have failed to forgive at times. I have been proud. Yes, I have done and been all of these things. Some in moments, some lasting longer.

God doesn’t like to leave me there (for which I am SO thankful!) Just when I think I know something decisively, He shows me how little I really knew. Just when I stand my ground in firm decision; He shows me how much ground I have yet to walk.

For He loves me. That’s what a Father does. He does what is best for His child when He knows they have so much more potential to give.

This world can so easily chip away at our character. Without seeing or knowing it, bit by bit, we harden. We turn our back. We ignore. Bit by bit.

I’m so glad my Lord continues to readily soften me. Turn me back around and bend me.

I could always use more compassion, more empathy, and more humility in my heart and in my life.

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