Gokey a Safe Bet to Advance

The votes aren’t in yet, but there’s no doubt Danny Gokey is safe.

Gokey is the Milwaukee church musician who breezed into the “American Idol” finals with some powerful blue-eyed soul in the wake of his wife’s death last summer.

Recent commentary has criticized Idol for exploiting the death of Gokey’s wife, Sophia, but at least last night it wasn’t a factor.

Performing on a Michael Jackson-themed night–which is an, um, interesting choice at best–Gokey unquestionably had one of the best performances with a cover of “P.Y.T.” from the ’80s mega-album “Thriller.” The singing was accompanied by some rather awkward dance moves–no moon walk here. His vocal ability, however, is not in much question.

A Los Angeles Times blog this morning is already predicting a finals showdown between Gokey and Goth-looking rocker Adam Lambert after the latter’s energetic rendition of “Black and White.”

Predictions on “Idol” can be dicey with fickle voting trends, and at the end of the show it was indicated there would be a change in the format regarding the judges. My guess is they will give themselves some sort of veto power over what they view as bad decisions by voters. Either way, Gokey and his voice honed at Faith Builders International Ministries should have smooth sailing for now.

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