How Miracles Happen

She posted a picture of two walking dolls, the three-foot-tall kind. I was drawn to them. Why I couldn’t tell. My sister and I did have walking dolls as children but these were twice the size and my grand-children are well past that stage.

She was asking forty dollars for the two and no one else wanted them. I bought them. When I picked them up the gal was quite upset and confessed that her husband had just passed. I certainly understand that.

The next day I took her a copy of The Pregnant Pause of Grief, which is a recording of my own first three months of bereavement. She also had several boxes of large-size men’s diapers on the porch in hopes that someone would claim them. Since they had been there for a few days I offered to take them to the local Mission store or a senior’s home. I believe it to be a comfort for her because every time she saw them, they stood as a reminder of her loss.

While in the car, it occurred to me to call my friend whose father used them, “Dad has lots,” she replied, “But my friend is in desperate need of them and can’t afford to buy them.  This is an answer to prayer.” 

Now I am passing the dolls to a friend in need, who may give them to a grandchild or sell them because she has the need and the dolls are worth four to five hundred dollars each. The miracle continues.

I have been praying for a way to share the Lord and today, for only forty dollars, I shared my book which is designed to comfort and lead people to Jesus. 

 I blessed a person who had nothing. I got to be part of a miracle. 

Just remember that sometimes a miracle costs a little time and takes a little money and it often requires participants like you and like me.

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