Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers: Just How Good Is He?

So just how good is Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers?

First keep in mind it is still PRESEASON (and yes I capitalized that on purpose). However, Rodgers put on a mind-boggling performance last night in what could be a Super Bowl XLV preview come February in Dallas.

Against the Indianapolis Colts and the gold standard for NFL signal callers in Peyton Manning (and that’s not a slight against Drew Brees or Tom Brady), Rodgers was, well, more Manningesque than Manning himself. Going 21-for-29 for 195 yards and three touchdowns in what ended up as a ridiculous 59-24 win over the defending AFC champions, Rodger was laser-like in his precision.

While the final score may say at least as much as how concerned the Colts should be about their defense and key reserves, it underscores what has been a PRESEASON of seeming unconsciousness for Rodgers. In three games – and nowhere near to three full four-quarter games – has completed nearly 78 percent of his passes with six touchdowns, no interceptions and an astronomical passer rating of 141.2.

The day’s as Brett Favre’s understudy are long gone. Now he is poised to be the next great Packers quarterback with Favre in the second, and supposedly final, year of his self-generated melodrama with the rival Minnesota Vikings.

And since it is PRESEASON a brief look at the Packers’ schedule reveals plenty of potential pitfalls including  the New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys in consecutive weeks, the New England Patriots and New York Giants in consecutive weeks and of course two dates with Minnesota.

But to say that Rodgers – along with the likes of Matt Ryan in Atlanta and Matt Schaub in Houston – isn’t atop a group of QBs about to hit their prime as Manning and Brady edge toward the sunset of their career is wrong; and that’s true whether it’s in ALL CAPS or not.

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  1. Living in Wisconsin I am a Green Packers fan…but even if I wasn’t, I would be an Aaron Rodgers fan!

    August 30, 2010

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