Lighting Up Your Life With Christ

Last winter I got a scary fright. The cold season was beginning to kick in. With Daylight Savings Time finished over here, the days were starting to get shorter. This means the lights are on for longer periods. Sure enough, one blew.

Two of our grandchildren stayed over. As my wife now has balance problems most of the housework has come back on me. In spite of this, I quite enjoy it. There are many happy memories of when my mother taught me how to cook and when I was a solo parent with four children. This particular morning I got up to cook breakfast. When I turned on the light, it exploded. The bulb hit the floor amidst sparks.

I looked in the cupboard for a replacement bulb. Not being able to find one, I wrote it on the next shopping list knowing full well this was not going to help right now. Then I remembered a gift I had received some time ago.

Last Christmas, my wife gave me a light that you clip on to your hat. The idea was I could read in bed at night. The trouble is I really do not want to wear a baseball cap to bed. I would rather have a bedside lamp. Her gift, although practical, ended up at the bottom of the wardrobe.

With my hand-held torch, I foraged out the light. What a wonderful thing it is. I could wash dishes, butter toast and stir porridge. And I could use both hands. It reminded me of another crisis in my life, the one when I gave my life to Christ.

Some of us need trouble before we can appreciate God’s redeeming features. Friend, do not wait for something to go wrong. Ask Him into your life today. It will be the best decision you will ever make.

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