I Survived a Layoff, Now What?

It’s another new work day and you’re still employed. As you breathe a sigh of relief, there’s still this nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that you’re not out of the woods yet. The news media is still fueling the current anxiety about unemployment, financial collapse and tough times, and no matter where you go these days, pretty much all you see are people with long faces and frantic stares.

Meanwhile in the office, you suppress a feeling of guilt that maybe you should have been laid off also. So with a little trepidation you take on additional job assisgnments left by former co-workers, and tell yourself that you should be grateful that you still have a job. You put a smile on your face and endeavor to paint a picture of serenity–hoping that no one will notice you’re shaking deep inside.

You make it through the workday, but are so stressed when you get home that all you want to do is sleep or immerse yourself in a hobby to keep at bay the pain of losing yet another co-worker and the feeling of helplessness that you might just be laid off tomorrow.

Now What?

Before you read another line, get rid of any distractions–people, TV, iPod, computer–you know the ones I’m talking about. Get out your Bible and turn to Psalm 91. Take a deep breath and ask God to show you how to taste and see what you need from His Word at this moment. It may take a while to get into the Word, depending on how wrapped up in the circumstances you may be at the moment; but don’t give up. You owe it to yourself to be still and wait on the Lord.

As you read this Psalm, expect God to make what you learn very personal. Take these three truths to heart:

• You can trust God; He will protect you, keep, you safe and He is a refuge at all times (Psalm 91:1-4).

• Stop striving and being afraid of your circumstances or what might happen; God knows what He’s doing and nothing that happens is designed to harm you (Psalm 91:5-10).

• God loves and cares for you so much that He has assigned angels to watch over you and to keep you from falling or coming to harm.

Now, I don’t know about you but every time I think of God Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, my Creator and Savior, I just have to rise above those circumstances and praise Him because of who He is–THE GREAT I AM! Whatever happens tomorrow, job or no job, I don’t need to be anxious because He has promised to provide for me.

I believe Him. I can trust Him. What about you?


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