Keep Matt Hammitt From Sanctus Real And His Family In Your Prayers

Sanctus Real currently has the No. 1 song on the Billboard Christian Songs Chart, Lead Me. However, that's not what's on everyone's mind this morning. All thoughts and prayers are with Matt and his wife Sarah are at the hospital awaiting the birth of Bowen Matthew Hammitt. Matt and his wife have allowed fans into their lives these past few months as they share their journey of discovering they were having a boy after having two girls. They were so excited. However, in April, ultrasound results showed a heart defect in the little boy which could be fatal. This journey that they are traveling is a journey no parent wants to make.

Matt & Sarah have been married over eleven years, and since Matt is the lead singer for Sanctus Real, most of those eleven years, he's been touring on the road. That's how the song, Lead Me, comes into play. He was on the road so much that God and family didn't seem to be as much of a priority as his career. But, the facts are that Matt is totally in love with Sarah and loves his daughters Emma (5) and Sarah (3). Matt & Sarah have had their ups and downs, as do all marriages, however they are working together to make God first. It is now God, family and career in that order.

Matt and Sarah have created several ways for fans to follow their journey through this pregnancy and delivery. There's a blog called Bowen's Heart which will cause every mother to cry as Sarah describes wanting to buy baby boy clothes and a little Halloween outfit, knowing in her heart, little Bowen may never wear these little outfits. Only God knows for sure and we put everything in His hands. For moment by moment updates, the fastest way to get news is by following Matt Hammitt on Twitter. Matt's most recent tweet this morning at 8 am CST states, “So excited to have a baby boy today! Bowen should be here by this afternoon!” Keep the family in your prayers today. We'll keep you posted as news follows.

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