Lesson Learned

How important is prayer to you? How much do you depend on God to show you the way? I ask this question because recently I made a decision without thinking it through, without praying about it.

Ok, so where are your priorities in life? What do you put your trust in? The first commandment is something we break constantly as a society. “You shall have no other gods before me.” We make money, fame, Facebook status and you name it priority over God. We like to think when it says no other gods before me that it’s talking about putting roman mythical gods and pagan gods and goddesses but it can be as simple as watching TV. Do you put more time into the television then God? The things we can and do put in front of God is countless.

Do I practice what I preach or I guess I should ask do I practice what I blog? Do you? I know we aren’t perfect but we should have better standards for ourselves. This one sentence can spawn a thousand blogs, from loving my enemies to my lustful eyes, but this is about me making decision/decisions without God.

Do I do what’s best for me or for Gods plan? The truth is that I do what I think is best for me (and fail) but in all reality if I do what’s best for Gods pan I will reap what I sow. My earthy treasures will fade and can be stolen, true riches lie in God and His Kingdom. But I like how God can turn our mistakes into a growth lesson that leads back to His path. God is good people.

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