Murder Most Foul

Those of us who love to read (or write) mysteries along the lines of Columbo, Poirot and Miss Marple will find countless murder plots in the Bible.

This one didn’t make much sense to me when I read it in the Amplified Version.

But the next day Hazael took the bedspread and dipped it in water and spread it on [the Syrian king’s] face, so that he died. And Hazael reigned in his stead. (2 Kings 8:15, AMP)

It sounds so genteel, doesn’t it? Dipping, spreading, as though the king cooperated!

The Message Bible is not a study Bible, but it does clarify many a mystery.

But the very next day, someone took a heavy quilt, soaked it in water, covered the king’s face, and suffocated him. Now Hazael was king. (2 Kings 8:15, MSG)

Well then, mystery solved. Columbo would be proud.

Prayer – Lord, when we aren’t sure what you mean, please keep us from wandering in the wrong direction. Thank you for centuries of men and women, who diligently translate your Word into our understanding. For Christ who is the Word. Amen

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