My Wrong Thin

For years, I’ve struggled with my weight, always aiming for just ten more pounds. But recently I’ve discovered that not everyone thinks body size when they speak of thin.

That ‘thin place’ is described as a spot where we fill closer to God. Some see it as an actual place, while others claim it is an experience. Thin is where we catch a personal glimpse of God because the veil separating heaven and earth gets thinner and we can sense his Divine presence.

Is it a place or an experience? I would say it is both. I sat on the hill in Israel where Jesus delivered the Beatitudes. I’ve prayed quietly on my own. I’ve been crushed beyond measure. God met me in those ‘thin places’ and thousands more.

Take the time to remember your own ‘thin places’, those times when you knew God had drawn especially near, and give thanks.

Prayer – Father, forgive us for getting so hung up on the daily of life and missing the spiritual moments you offer to us every day. Amen

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