I woke yesterday morning thinking that I should get out my study Bible and lo and behold, I found a couple of more notes, ones that Ron left for me before he died almost six years ago.

He was the greatest guy for writing love notes. I used to find them in my lunch, the fridge, or even tucked into my Bible. I just never knew when they would show up. Even now, so many years after he passed, I still find them.

And sure enough, when I looked through that study Bible I found these.

“In this book, you will find a note on a slant, and then you will find one upside down. It does not matter the way it’s written, it only matters how it is said. I Love You!”

And as usual, he signed with his initials, RMW.

And farther on in the text, I found this.

“I am sitting here watching the world go by and hoping you are watching and thinking of me, My Love.”

How do you tell your beloved that you love them? It doesn’t matter how, but it does matter that you do and that you say it in a way they understand.

By the way have you told God that lately?

Prayer-Father God, praise to you for never rejecting my prayers or withholding your love from me. Amen (From Psalm 66:20, NIV).


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