Society Needs Wealthy Christians, Too

With the Bible containing many verses warning about money and wealth, many Christians fear that accumulating wealth will allow them to fall into the devil's trap. However, Christians can be both good and wealthy if they comprehend how God wants money to be used, His purpose for their lives and His directions in using their wealth.

Amidst insurmountable social problems that surround the society, Christians always are the ray of hope for the needy. With their kind heart, they do everything they can to be of help and become instruments of God’s love towards His people. But their help becomes limited, when it comes to finances. Just imagine what great help can be done if these people are financially abundant to be of help! They can make more heavens on earth.

Wealthy Christians can make a difference

For example, somebody’s child gets sick. Christians usually offer prayer. A wealthy Christian offers prayer and at the same time, money to pay the hospital bills. It relieves the parents' concerns over money that they can focus on the healing of their kid. The same is true when the church needs some repair. While others pray for the repair to come, the wealthy Christian can execute it immediately.

A Christian who has wealth can prove his spiritual maturity when he can hurdle the temptations wealthy people face. The development of His personal character can be noticed by how a Christian determines his financial priorities and how he handles the excess wealth God gives him for stewardship.

A Christian develops stronger trust in God and recognizes that He is the sole source of security, not money.  

God does not expect His people to be poor but He also does not encourage lavishness. Extra money is provided sometimes so that the needy can be supported and His works funded.

When money is used for hoard, lavishness and waste, this is not aligned with His purpose and plan. God will remove it. Wealth is not supposed to satisfy whims and desires but to help the needy and carry out God’s works.

God uses money

God uses money to gauge the trustworthiness of His people. If Christians can handle their wealth, then they can handle greater heavenly riches as well. God can see that in how they make money, spend money and use money. He uses money to unite His people in abundance to help one another. Extra money is given by God to them so they can help those who are in need.

Money is a just a medium of exchange which abuse and misuse is the one causing the problem. However, money is best maximized if it is in the hands of a good and kind-hearted Christian.  It is because wealthy Christian can do more than just help in words, but most importantly, help in action.  

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