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Instantly the man became well and recovered his strength and picked up his bed and walked. But that happened on the Sabbath so, the Jews kept saying to the man who had been healed, it is the Sabbath, and you have no right to pick up your bed. It is not lawful. (John 5:9-10)

Had any of those people spent 38 years lying in one spot or helping the man who did? No! But they were quick to complain because someone broke their rules!

Always someone has an opinion, even when they don’t know the full story. My friend’s job kept her on the road all day. She was able to buy one of the first cars with computerized gadgets. However, some Christians called her unspiritual and worldly, and she felt forced to sell the vehicle.

Are you one of those who accuses others? Place yourself in another’s shoes and choose kindness and understanding.

If you are the accused; take your strength from the one who freely gives it.

He answered them, the Man Who healed me and gave me back my strength, He Himself said to me, pick up your bed and walk! (John 5:11)

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