Pass it On

Do you share what you know about your skills? Are you kind to those just learning how to write, quilt, rebuild engines or ski? Do you share your parenting skills with a new mom?

Whatever your passion, you know more about it than somebody and that somebody would appreciate a mentor just like you. Don’t be a ‘dog in the manger,’ keeping all that information to yourself.

P.S:  a ‘dog in the manger keeps something that they don’t need so that others who could use it, can’t have it.

Of course, believers always have God as their primary mentor.

All your children will have God for their teacher—what a mentor for your children! (Isaiah 54:13, MSG)

But sometimes it is nice to have a mentor with skin on… one just like you or me.

Prayer – Lord, please show us who we ought to be mentoring and give us grace to be one. Amen

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