Pouring It All Out Before the Lord

One of the things I most treasure about my relationship with the Lord is my ability to be real.  When I first came into a relationship with the Lord, it was almost as if I walked around on my tiptoes.  I thought I had to be careful of what I prayed, the tone of my voice and what my general attitude was about life’s situations.

I didn’t think I should be honest with God about feelings such as anger or frustration.  I thought I wasn’t supposed to be feeling those things and if I did, surely I would not voice them out loud.

I am so glad to have discovered the freedom in being me and expressing my feelings.  I am so glad that I have learned its okay to pour it all out before the Lord.

He already knows what we are thinking.  There is nothing we can keep from Him.  So if you are upset or angry about a situation, He knows it anyway.  You can’t hide from God and that includes the deepest part of your soul. 

For me, the real breakthrough came when I began to study the Psalms.  These are some candid words that sometimes expressed frustration about what God was doing, how life seemed unfair and the brokenness of one’s life.

David had no problem pouring it all out before the Lord.  I still sometimes get taken aback when I read some of the Psalms.  He was real before the Lord but isn’t that what He really wants anyway?

Don’t be afraid to express the way you feel about life.  God wants you to pour it out before Him because He is really the only One that can even do anything about it. 

And if you don’t believe He can’t take what you have to say, spend some time reading the Psalms.

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