Sustainable Fish

Some species of fish are in danger because we’ve either eaten them into near extinction or the method of catching them disrupts the ocean’s eco system.  Experts suggest that it’s an easy switch to similar types. For instance, try Albacore instead of Bluefin tuna, White Perch instead of imported Tilapia and Trout instead of Atlantic salmon.

There is one kind of fish that will never be extinct. In fact the more we fish them the better their life is.

As He was walking by the Sea of Galilee, He noticed two brothers, Simon who is called Peter and Andrew his brother, throwing a dragnet into the sea, for they were fishermen.And He said to them, Come after Me [as disciples—letting Me be your Guide], follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men!  (Matthew 4:18-19, AMP)

How have you responded to the Master Fisherman’s invitation??

At once they left their nets and became His disciples [sided with His party and followed Him]. (Matthew 4:20, AMP)

Prayer: Lord, may we be ever ready to step out and fish for Christ. Amen.

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