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Turning the World Upside Down

Pastor John Henderson of the Association of Biblical Counselors reminds us that, “Quite often the initial work of the gospel in human lives and cultures is a kind of demolition work…. If we are committed to counseling the word of Christ into the hearts of people, then we should prepare for stuff to blow up. We should prepare, as a group of people, to feel somewhat alone and abandoned amidst all the other voices of the world. The ministry we have been given stands amidst the currents of popular opinion and feels the pressure. The temptation to drift and conform is strong. The gospel anchors us to the ground. It keeps us fixed to the One in whom all things hold together, and by whom all things are reconciled to God the Father.”

Read the rest of John’s thoughts in Turning the World Upside Down.

Shame Interrupted: Finding Words

Ed Welch of CCEF continues a blog mini-series based upon his new book, Shame Interrupted. In today’s post, Finding Words, we read that, “We cannot do anything with shame until we see it and find words for it. Once we have the words, we have confidence that God’s communication in Scripture speaks beautifully to this pervasive human experience.”

Read the rest of Ed’s insightful words in Finding Words.

Atheists Need Your Help

Mitch Stokes addresses the questions, “How should we respond to belligerent unbelievers?” Read his answer at The Resurgence in Atheists Need Your Help.

Gospel-Centered Discipleship

At the Biblical Counseling Coalition, Jonathan Holmes reviews the new Crossway book, Gospel-Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson. Holmes asks, “Why offer another book on two topics which are currently being widely written on: gospel and discipleship? Perhaps that’s the problem, Dodson would maintain. They’re not necessarily two different, unrelated topics, but rather inherently dependent on one another.”

Read the rest of the review at Gospel-Centered Discipleship.

4 Qualities of the Goodness of God

Pastor Paul Tautges shares his meditations on The Goodness of God.

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