Walking on the Road of Compromise

Choices. We all make them hundreds of times a day. Should I go here or there? Should I say this or that? Do I react, respond, or pray? Do I get involved? Do I say something? Do I give in?

And I wonder how many of our choices and decisions would be made easier if we truly knew what God’s Word had to say. And to further that thought, how many of our choices that we THINK are already easy but down the road look back on and see were in great error….how many of those could have been avoided had we simply known what God’s Word said on the matter?

I know some of you might be thinking – “God doesn’t address EVERYTHING in the Bible.” But I think I beg to differ. It does. It may not address what color dress to buy or whether to buy the dress at all, but it does talk about being good stewards of our finances and being frugal with our money. It does talk about temptation and it does talk about generosity.

All things that can be analyzed when looking at “said” expensive dress! I think a lot of us don’t really want to know what God’s Word says about things. It’s so easy to compartmentalize the Bible and say, “Well, God means this and I will obey that, but He didn’t really mean that. That’s a lesser command so it’s okay for me to ignore that one.” For example, I think we all understand and know that God’s Word says to not steal, not murder, and not commit adultery. They are common knowledge and blatant commands.

What about when God says to go out into ALL THE WORLD and make disciples of all nations? Do we think that one applies to us or that God just didn’t really mean that as much when He said it? So many of us make excuses for not going onto the mission field – not even once. But do we think God said that just to fill empty air? Or did He really mean it? Is it a command? I think it is.

It is far too easy to walk the road of compromise in our lives. We do it to rationalize our own ambition, pride, and comfort level. We do it to ease our guilt. But it’s still compromise. We will never have a vibrant faith or a growing faith while we live in the world of compromise. We will only continue down the path of blinding and deluding ourselves and possibly others who look up to us. And in the process we may lead other believers astray.

t is SO important that we know what God’s Word says. That we know what His word says about ministry, about leadership, about competition amongst Christians, about what our faith really is and what it stands for! It is SO important because otherwise we can end up being misled by someone else who got part of God’s Word right, but ended up twisting around the other part. Sure, it may sound feasible and doable and we really do LIKE this individual so why not? But God ‘s Word (if we know what it says) will tell us why not. It’s there to guide us and protect us.

I want to know when truth is being masqueraded as a lie. I don’t want to be deceived or misled. And I want to avoid living a life of compromise that doesn’t fulfill or bless me and certainly doesn’t help me grow closer to the ONE whom I adore so much.

Compromise is our enemy. It will always rob us of something. Integrity. Morals or values. Time. Relationships. Health. Something. So let’s do everything we can to not go there.

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