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1) Preparation and Homework Determine the jobs or professions you would like to investigate for a career change. Learn as much as you can about the companies you identify, their leaders and,…

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Dungy referenced the Lord frequently during his press conference, stating that he and his wife Lauren came to the decision amid much prayer and reflection. Dungy’s faith was also praised…

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The CES product list still looks intriguing partly because startups haven’t yet been hit as hard by this downturn as they were when the Internet boom collapsed in 2000. And…

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In the wake of Barack Obama’s election, I’ve heard disquieting reports in the small town where I live. I’ve encountered Christians certain Obama is the Antichrist. They’re not joking. They…

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Conscientious parents, whether or not they’re religious, hope their teenagers will avoid sexual activity as long as possible. The dangers of teen sex are obvious: emotional upheavals, unplanned pregnancies, STDs.…

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The NCES, part of the Department of Education, says homeschooled children made up 2.9% of school age population in 2007, up from 1.1 million 2.2% of school aged population. The…

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Christian Career Tools Job Search Guide Christian Career Resources to Manage Career Interruptions

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Sounds too good to be true, especially in an economy riddled with job cuts in nearly every industry. But applicants for nursing jobs are still so scarce that recruiters have…

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-Marked and groomed snowmobile trails, 1,800 miles of ’em; details at -Four downhill ski and snowboard areas: Bottineau Winter Park, Bear’s Den at Fort Ransom, Huff Hills at Mandan…

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