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Every house needs to be constructed on a solid foundation, if it is going to stand strong during adverse conditions. So too, Christians who build their lives upon the solid…

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President Barack Obama has signed the landmark health care reform bill into law. Meanwhile, opponents of the new law are refusing to back down. Former “Jon and Kate Plus 8”…

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Crossroads Career Network, a non-profit Christian ministry of churches providing faith-based job search and career transition resources, is offering its 2010 career workbook “Maximize Your Career in a New World…

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After the Washington, D.C. city council approved a measure earlier this month legalizing gay marriage in the nation’s capital, a group advocating traditional marriage is pushing an 11th-hour drive to…

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By Robert Smith Africa has received more foreign aid than any continent in history.  Yet, by almost any reasonable measure, Africa remains badly broken.  Its people live lives that are…

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Hampton University in Virginia hosted a marriage summit earlier this week. Former National Football League coach Tony Dungy, Chick-Fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy and his son Donald served as co-chairmen…

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Once thought of as a big no-no, strength training for women is getting more and more popular as health-conscious women realize lifting a few weights won’t bulk them up like…

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